Four Elements was created to help people, communities and funds who support sustainable living for ourselves as a people, sea life and for our future generations.

Also giving to those who need assistance which are effected by our impact on the environment and natural disasters from all four elements of life.

Earth, air, fire, and water.

By creating a token on the blockchain based on these values we can give people the opportunity to help us in supporting initiatives which will help provide relief and support to the elements and communities who need our assistance.

Even the smallest of support we all could provide would make a big change in someone's life.



Four Elements is the first four way charity system built on the Binance Smart Chain. 

Offering investors the opportunity to help the planet, by supporting environmentally sustainable initiatives while earning an income from LMNTS token reflections.

The idea behind Four Elements is supporting funds from all four elements of life.


EARTH = Recycling, biodegradable products, community / animal welfare and natural disaster recovery.

AIR = Climate change enterprises to reduce carbon emissions and natural disaster recovery.

Fire = Communities and animals recovering from bush fires, fire rescue services and natural disaster recovery.

WATERInitiatives to reduce water pollution and support ocean wildlife, and natural disaster recovery.

      Donations will be distributed to 1 fund associated with each element at the end of each quarter.   

Charity / donations are separated into two wallets:  

One wallet which holds the capital gained from 3% token buy and sell tax.

One wallet which holds 20% of all nft sales.


Holders of common nft's from each phase are given the chance to vote on which four funds will receive donations with the capital gained from the 3% token buy and sell tax in the coming quarter.

Holders of rare nft's can suggest their favorite fund to be added to the nominated token fund list.

Unique Four Elements NFT'S coming soon..

Released in 4 phases:

- Earth series

- Air series

- Fire series

- Water series

The journey to change starts with you...